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BooK ReViEw ---> SKALI LAGI...

~~ We have make a review for every chapter. I think this is not calling a book review but book summarise.It's ok kan... The Book was very nice to read and we can take many value from it.It was storied about the journey life to become a very very good entrepreneur, how to manage a company, about the teamwork, loves, enemies etc..

Chapter 1

In this chapter it's story about tengku farith and his family.Tengku have 6 siblings. His father is the goverment minister and his mother was an entrepreneur. He was school in Ottawa,Canada because his parent think that international exposure can stead him well.He finished his studies and finally graduate with bachelor degree in Economi. Tengku Farith have truely entrepreneurship blood.His mother trained him very well how to manage financial and learn about business.After graduated, he worked at CIMB and had an exposure of IT in the year of 80's and had an interest in the field.While worked at CIMB he found a partner and after that he open ACIF Resources who are one of skali shareholders.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 was about how Tengku Farith learn more deepest in business. After working 2 years with CIMB, he joined Road Builders that is one of his father company. During working at Road Builders he learn about relationship between the staf in the big company, how to work in workgroup,how to know people in business and how to manage a construction project very well.He had to learn in the new field because before this ,he worked in financial field and now have to work in construction field.

Chapter 3

The end of year 1996, Tengku Farith started a company name SKALI. Alam Teknokrat and Tengku Farith consultant, ACIF Resources was joined together formed SKALI. The 1st SKALI project is Alta Vista. They want to bring Alta Vista search engine to Malaysia(Asia). In that time, online business was in the 1st ranking in virtual world.Many people makes money from that.They win the project and get licence. Starting from that,they manage SKALI financial for the project and Alta Vista were launch succesfully.


The beginning of SKALI financial problem were out and it's story how SKALI name was get. SKALI had a badly financial problem after 3 months after Alta Vista were launch.They had to solve their debt and also had to face with employees resignation.During that time, SKALI performance was lacked down.

Chapter 5

In 1999,Malaysia was emerging from the Asian economic crisis & business,were starting to invest in IT. When Hisham(partner in SKALI) decided to leave SKALI, Tengku Farith quit the job from Road Builder and join SKALI full time. He became a president of the company. In SKALI they realised that, being a mirror site to Alta Vista clerly was not going too good, so they decide working on other business like develop a portal like YAHOO. To become a full-blown portal, they need to get a content, they began to attract high-profile advertisers, so money was starting to trickle in.

Chapter 6

This chapter story about how to survive in business. Tengku farith has devise the team into two groups. The criditors handles by Tengku Farith & Ida while Azmi & Aimi handled operations & sales. With the upswing in revenue, SKALI had cash to paid their creditors, though not all and not in full.
As for income tax & EPF, SKALI had quickly demonstrate their comitment to settling the outstanding amount. The goverment agreed to their proposal of monthly installments. Beside that, SKALI owe with Horizon. They finally archieved a breakthrough when Horizon agreed to by back one of the high-performance serves at the same price that SKALI had paid. At the end of the year, SKALI were on pretty good financial. SKALI business were starting to grow quite well.

Chapter 7

Tengku Farith and his team build their own portal. At this time, they were in financial problem. So they had to resort to using the Open Source platform to build the system. With this open source platform, they can able to save money on development costs. SKALI invest in MEDIA Digital alliance(MDA). This was a good deal. The MDA is belong to Ivan Hoo(Chief programmer-leave SKALI). By mid 1999, SKALI had a pretty mature proud, but still laked one important feature(e-commerce). So they entered into payment gateway business via a joint venture with a company called Camtech Asia IT&T. Inlate 1999, when SKALI solution business was ready to be marketed, they decided to leave the portal business & instead focus on building portals for others. In 2001, DR.Mahathir decided that M'sia should start looking at open source platform & SKALI are invited to give some input to the issue. the goverment has delighted with SKALI report. The goverment had decided to arrived the project to consortium consisting of DRB- Hicom as the lead partner& SKALI as the junior.

Chapter 8

Early 2000 SKALI got the chance to deploy NEoFission for Triniti Network(a travel agency). SKALI secured their first high-profile project form of the OIC Exchanges website for OIC Networks. The purpose of the website was to bridge the muslim communities increasing interconnectivity among OIC individuals, corporation & goverment bodies. In 2002, SKALI won a RM# billion contract to build a website for the Employees Provident Fund(EPF) but they have financial problem. At the same time the Ministry of Finance had come with M'sia Debt venture(MDV)-a project funded by the japanese goverment to help local technology project gain access to project financing capital. Once MDV was ready to fund projects, SKALI were on of the first few components that applied. SKALI had lost 2 projects. One project tahat SKALI lost was M'sia Aitlines website. It because it involved building many components that SKALI didn't specialize in. Another one is Putrajaya website. The project requirements did not involve core competencies.

Chapter 9

Join New Entrepeneur Forum (NEF) in 1999. Group of bumiputra IT entrepreneur(founder-Mirzan Mahathir). make a meeting every first saturday of every month for breakfast at carcusa. Discussing about exchange idea & provides moral support to each others. After a few months later, the members are more less to come for the meeting. Because of that, Tengku farith sent out an email to every one for joined again the meeting. The email also sparked off some discussion and debate for example whether the NEF should be open to non bumiputra entrepreneurs as well. Because of that, NEF was organized a networking solution call NetBash, was attended amount 600 peoples. Other group, Tengku has involved is TEAM which is open to all races.

Chapter 10

Journey about SKALI@SNAP, actually had list humble in the early days of the dotcom boom. Because a hosting is a very hard, Azmi suggested why not if SKALI could be an incubator of some kind. Unfortunately, Azmi stopped contributing his ideas to SNAP because of a serious rift. in 1999, Mayban venture was joined with SNAP. This collaborating witg SNAP would give them instant experience at evaluations IT companies. After making a choices, one company was accepted and approve funding for it. Unfortunately the company was make a problem & management was broken. This was a painful lesson because fail to look closely at the human dynamics in the company. because of that, mayban Venture only wanted to invest only in companies at the start up stage. The SNAP team have looked over 100 difference companies and of that lot, only 22 listed. This is a commercial for SKALI.

Chapter 11

One of the thing to do after listing the company to upgraded to better R&D facilities so that the programmer can undertake development activities in a environment that fosters innovation & creativity. Other things to need expend on is advertising & promotion. To get listing also a very complicated process and There are drawbacks to being listed entity. After that, they want to take SKALI to the next level, because a big player. CIMB was selected by SKALI to be make a listing process.

Chapter 12

In this time, the team are ready for a public listing in 2005 and received approval from the Securities Commission on July 21,2005. But there was a lot of projects must to do at the year. the headcount must to be increased and also the budget. The Fund M'sia Debt Ventures & Finance a lot of the projects. the solutions come to them during annual strategic planning exercise at the end of the year 2006 would be the year to focused. They use 3 concept from the book 'Good to Great' by Jim Collins, using a hedgehog concept. Also that, they take a few strategies. At the end of the day, SKALI become a better company.

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mE..mYseLf.....aNd I

This is my 1st blog, 1st time i'm create a blog and 1st time i read the blog.hmm... before it i not really interest about it bcoz anyone didn't tell me about the blog. That i'm really know is [[FRIENDSTER !!]].accept the comments.. new & old friends...apps...bla..bla.. (u all must know lah..)
So...for the 1st blog i want to story about me..myself...and i..hehe.... Just a simple story arr...not too long dont worry.ekeke....

My name is Zuraini binti Abdul Whab @ Abdul Wahab.just call me eni.very simple to remember it.i was borned in my lovely homesweethome (bcoz the clinic is in front of my my mom just waiting the nurse to coming..hehe...) at my lovely village (Kg Trosor) at my lovely hometown Sungai Siput (U) in my lovely country (Perak da Silver State !!) at 20th October 1986 at 1.00 a.m Monday morning.huh..very cool at the time...haha...

I was very lucky girl bcoz i have a one big happy family.My mom and dad got 2 sons and 6 little sweet daughters.hehe....I'm the 6 placed from it and have 2 little sisters (3 dara pingitan..).The 1st name is Sajaratudor, Abdul Razak, Mohd Faisal, Zurina, Zarinah, Zuraini(single), Zurida(single) and the last one Zulfa(single).

When i'm 6 years old, i started go to the school in Tabika Kemas.after that i'm continued my study at SK Trosor until standard 6.after that i'm become a sweet teenager (hehe...) and studied at SMK Tok Muda Abdul Aziz Sg Siput for the 3 years until PMR and continued at SMT Persiaran Brash until i'm finished my SPM.I'm continued my study at Politeknik Ungku Omar for 3 years in Diploma IT programming.